Sunday 22 September 2019
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How Drinking Green Tea Makes You Fat is it True?

Yes, you heard right drinking green tea makes you fat. Isn’t it ironic people used to think that drinking green tea can help you lose weight but it is just the opposite, this is very simple take this taken for granted and become fat? There is actually a time when you have to drink it. There are so many people who often choose to drink the typical tea just for some pleasure but they still get very obsessed by their tiny body. You don’t have to worry about anything you can now make your body a little bit fatter which is good thing.


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What is the time of recommendation to take this one?

Whenever you take green tea then there is time recommendation from morning, noon and evening.

In morning after the breakfast, in noon after lunch, and in evening after dinner, but people makes some silly mistakes that needs to correct in every way possible and there is the problem come green tea precisely increase the metabolism in the body and also an antioxidant that can help you makes you breath well.

How much it is worth by taking it according to the diet plan?

No matter what you are eating following a described diet plan or eating heavy food then green tea digests everything very quickly. What exactly happen is that you started to feel hungry after half an hour or in one hour time. You eat after that and after that. So basically you try to go over rule because in one day people only eat three times and you can; drink it another time.

What is the biggest mistake we do in taking it for granted?

Perhaps the biggest mistake you do is to drink green tea after the dinner which is the dangerous thing. We started to feel hungry at late night and usually end up eating munching from that fat started to grow rapidly. No one argues that drinking green tea can surely help you become slim. But how it can become you fat to tell you the truth it depends on your personal preferences.


Green Tea

Which type of green tea you have to take and when?

Ok, this is very important there are usually three types of green tea comes in the market such as,

  1. A) Sachet
  2. B) Loose
  3. C) Long leaf

You can to bring the collection of these three green teas.


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What rules you have to follow according to the specific green tea?

In morning whenever you take breakfast so use sachet green tea it is very mild one. Make it in the hot water for a very long time. The reason is simple the more you eat the 70% the sachet green tea will burn it and control your hunger.

If eat heavy lunch then infuse green tea a little. It is up to you decide how much you want to either burn or gain fat. We recommend you to eat very light if you are in the program of losing weight this way you can burn weight very easily. There are many benefits of green tea but you have to take it in right way.

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