Friday 20 September 2019
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How to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks: Quick And Naturally

I am getting obese day by day! how to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks? How can I get in better shape quickly? Well, these are the common questions asked by over-weight individuals. Every person wants an instant solution for his gaining weight, but it is usually not possible without putting extra effort.
Gaining weight is a growing health issue in today’s world due to the increasingly cheap and high caloric food. Combined with the increasing urbanisation and sedentary lifestyle, it is no wonder that obesity has become an overwhelming problem which is quite challenging to overcome. Every obese individual tries various ways to lose weight and get in shape without even doing anything. You might think that losing 15 pounds in 2 weeks is just a dream, but you can actually get to your desired weight in a short span of 2 weeks. The 2-week diet is the right program for you if you want a slim and healthy physique. This program is not another crash programs that end up mere making the obese person drop water weight. People usually believe that they had to give up their healthy nutrition to drop some pounds instantly and they stop even trying because they cannot leave junks or other high caloric food. The motivational guide that comes with this diet program will keep you losing weight consistently.

How to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks with the 2-Week Diet Program?

The 2-week diet program is the result of thorough research. The author of this weight loss program helps you lose weight quickly within a short span of 2 weeks. You will definitely be interested in knowing the author of this program and the process through which it works, so continue reading and you will get to comprehend everything about this amazing weight loss program.

About the Author

The Two Week Diet is the creation of Brian Flatt who is an author, certified sports nutritionist, weight loss consultant, speaker and certified personal trainer. He produces a diet program that promises to help you drop as much as 18 pounds within 14 days. Flatt himself shed lots of pound through a diet program which he generates for other obese individuals. This program not only helps in losing weight but it also assists in toning up the muscles, improves the energy level and reduces cellulite.

How does it work?

The Two Week Diet program is suitable for every person who wants to lose weight for the upcoming event. It is basically designed to lose body fat from thighs, belly, butt and hips. The cornerstone of this diet program is The 3 Pound Rule which focuses on maintaining your target weight. It works by making you weigh yourself every morning after you reach your desired weight. If the needle of the weight machine shows you an additional three pounds in your weight, then you have to restart on Phase 1 of the program until you get back to your ideal weight. This diet program is a combination of different diets that are divided into four phases. The first one is named as detoxification phase that focus solely on preparing the body for shedding pounds. The first phase is followed by an optional fasting phase that emphasizes on speeding up the weight loss process. This diet program is concluded by two different low carb phases, and you will see a huge difference in your physique after completing this phase.
This diet program enables you to enjoy your cheat meals and stay subtle while losing weight. The food mentioned in this weight loss guide is easily accessible and inexpensive, so you will probably enjoy getting the food items for your diet plan. It contains real healthy foods that taste amazing such as diet shakes, detox juices, special teas, etc.

How to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without intense Workout?

Losing 15 pounds in 2 weeks is no more a mysterious job if you follow the Two Week Diet program created by Brian Flatt. People are usually afraid from intense workouts, so it demands very minimal exercises which help you in speeding up the process. These exercises are not intensive that may take you on a tiring or fatigue mode. Moreover, you would never need the membership of a nearby gym. You can still burn lots of fats by focusing solely on the diet plan.
This health based diet system does not demand any challenging diet or exercise which is beyond your capability. Almost every person can reach their ideal weight through this diet plan, but it often depends on the effort a person put on his diet. Brian is there to motivate you throughout your journey of losing weight, so you do not need to worry about your motivation or confidence in shedding pounds.

Components of the Two-Week Diet Program

You will get almost everything which you need for losing weight once you process your payment. Flatt offers four eBooks with this programs. Let’s take a look at the four component of this weight loss system:

Launch Handbook

The launch handbook contains complete explanation of the process through which this diet program will work. It will enlighten you about the scientific research behind the abrupt changes in your body weight. This guide will also move your mind from common myths associated with the weight loss. It provides you with an outline of the 2-week diet program.

Diet Handbook

The Diet Handbook that the Flatt included in the Two Week Diet program will teach you what and when to eat. It will also specify the amount which you have to consume in these 14 days. This guide contains the lists of foods that can assist you in burning fats quickly. With this guide, you would never need to completely cut carbs out of your diet as it works on the best principle to eat healthy and lose weight.

Activity Handbook

Having the best exercise guide can boost up the fat burning process. The Two-Week Diet Program is an exceptional system that comes with an activity handbook. This guide includes light and easy exercises that you can easily do at home without the assistance of a physical trainer. Still, if you want to join a gym, then this system includes a detailed gym workout plan for you. You will only need to spend 15 to 25 minutes a day on the workout plan.

Motivation Handbook

The basic need for losing weight is to do it with the right mindset and stay motivated throughout the journey. The Motivation Handbook that comes with the package of Two Weeks Diet program will keep you motivated and overcome the obstacles that are distracting you from shedding weight. It contains some science-proven methods for focus and motivation.

Pros and Cons of the Two-Week Diet Program

You would never need to do intense exercise with this diet program which is a big benefit of this guide. However, there is nothing in the world which is free from drawbacks, so this weight loss system also comes with some disadvantages. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


  • The Two-Week Diet Program is tailored according to your body fats, so it is suitable for every person who wants to burn fats.
  • It contains detailed information for losing weight.
  • This diet program contains techniques used by celebrities, fitness gurus, and bodybuilders, so you can trust the effectiveness of this program.
  • This program does not demand any supplements or medications.
  • It comes with easy-to-understand instructions.
  • You will get plenty of food options with this program.
  • This program is the result of 12 years of research, so it also contains many secrets to shedding weight.
  • By following this program, you will increase your metabolism and will get the ideal physique that you want.
  • Since it a PDF program, so you can instantly download this program on your phone, tablet or computer. It is an easily accessible program, and you can apply it anywhere anytime.
  • This manual also tells you the process of calculating your body mass which is essential for you to know if you want to take a route to slimmer and healthier physique.
  • Brian Flatt created this program who has years and years of experience in training people to lose weight.
  • This weight loss program is backed up by 100% money back guarantee.
  • The first drawback of this program is that there no in-person supervision by a qualified coach who can monitor you all the time. People often take cheat meals and excess of these meals is the biggest obstacle in the journey of losing weight, so every person needs some expert who can monitor him most of the time.
  • This guide is only available in the soft copy which is sometimes quite hard to read.
  • The Two-Week Diet Program cost about $37 which is quite high for an online guide.
  • This program is not a cup of tea for people who want quick results as it demands some patience on your part. You might need to follow this program even after the two weeks are over.

How to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks with a Program Having Positive Testimonials?

  • Before losing weight, you will definitely need some motivation which comes in the form of success stories. These stories will motivate you to eat right and lose weight. You cannot believe any online weight loss program until you go through some positive reviews regarding that program. People who implement the two-week diet principles and stick with their diet plan will surely lose some pounds and report positively about this diet program. The positive testimonials of the Two Weeks Diet Program with before and after photos will encourage to shed pounds. Listed below are the few positive testimonials of the people who have strictly followed this program:
  • Amelia said that she was quite worried about her increasing weight, so she decided to try the Two Week Diet Plan, and she observes a huge difference in the very first week. She reported that she had lost almost 5 pounds in just seven days when she started applying for this program.
  • Chris faced many problems in his life due to obesity like his girlfriend left him when he really needs her. So he planned to follow a diet plan that can actually work in burning pounds. The Two-Week Diet Program completely changes his life as he lost about 17 pounds in just 14 days
  • When Diana observes that she is putting on extra weight day by day, then she decided to get a Two Week Program. This program helps her to lose 5 kilos in the very first week, and she lost almost 12 kilos by the end of the second week. She reported that she get the ideal physique in just 14 days.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you get the answer to your question ‘how to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks’ through reading a detailed review of the Two Week Diet program. Flatt has created this diet plan for people of all body types, so you can easily lose a few pounds for your upcoming event. Every diet program comes with its own set of pros and cons, but this program produces better results than the other weight loss guides. Moreover, the author of this program offers a 60-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk involved in getting this weight loss program. You can also get a complete one-week access to the complete guide for only $7. So if you want to try this program before buying it, then you can avail this opportunity.
This diet program just needs your two weeks, and you can see a huge difference in your body by the end of the second week. Once you get this program, try it, and if you do not see any difference, then you can get all your money back. However, you will surely lose pounds if you strictly follow the guidelines mentioned in the four components of this program.

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