Saturday 19 October 2019
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Lose 10KG in One Month just Drinking Orange Tea

You may have heard so many ways to lose weight but have you ever tried the orange tea? Yes this is true because there are so many people who use yellow tea but still they can’t find themselves losing their weight even after one or two months crossed. So they are looking for a new one. There is no denying that today the modern people always want something that can help them lose weight without doing any physical exercises. But all your problems get solved today because you get the better version of this typical tea. Don’t go on its color. Many of you might think how it is possible but it is real.

Weight Loss 10KG


What exactly is an orange tea?

To clear your doubts we are going to let you know that it is not made from orange but it you can tell it is the better version of the yellow tea. It works on your body and fat to reduce it in just one month very quickly. It has no side effects and it I also called infused teas well.

On which diseases this tea works very well?

There are so many types of diseases it works and disable them such as,

1) Cough

2) Thyroid

3) Water retention


5) Uterus

6) Diabetes

7) Breath control

8) Conceive

9) Asthma

What type of people can take this tea easily? 

The biggest question revolves around that what sort of people can drink this tea easily so they won’t feel any harm here the list of them including,

  1. a) Breast feeding mother
  2. b) In pregnancy condition
  3. c) Low blood pressure patients
  4. d) Hyper acidity
  5. e) High blood pressure

How many ingredients you need to make this tea?

The main thing that you should understand that you always used this orange with precaution and drink it warmly here are some list of ingredients that you need such as,

  • 4 inch turmeric
  • 1 inch ginger
  • Curry leaves 20gm (for infection person)
  • Carom seeds 1 TBSP
  • Cinnamon 4 inch

These are the essentials you need to make the orange tea.

How you can make this one properly?

At first you have to put the carom seeds in water and leave for one hour then take turmeric and slice it into pieces also don’t use powder of it. After that you take ginger and grind it with your own hands. Then wash curry leaves carefully.

After one and straining the carom seeds put them in the bowl of 1.5 ml water and then boil it then add turmeric, cinnamon, and carom seeds in it after sometime add ginger and let it boil on low fire rate. Once done you have to add in the end curry leaves and remember you have to infuse all the ingredients.

You will make 1 liter water of orange tea and you have to boil if for just 15 minutes and freeze it after it cool down drink it you can add it to your breakfast and in nights as well.

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