Saturday 19 October 2019
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NO DIET-NO EXERCISE | Lose 10 kg in 1 Month With Green Juice

Today, we bring you magical green juice that can certainly help you lose weight more than 10kg in just one month. People may have drinking so many sodas, and tried different methods to lose weight by doing physical exercises but this magnificent one works way beyond your expectations. You don’t need to do dieting but take it as a first meal and only drink it in the morning. This beverage is totally the only that modern people need whether you are a woman or man this works perfect fine and there are no side effects involved in it.



Green Juice


  • What type of person this works very well?

This green juice will definitely help you lose weight but also there are some specific people who are suffering from a number of illnesses also works very well. Because some people having problems with weight loss can take great advantage of it here the list of them,

1) Great for diabetic patients

2) For high blood pressure patients

3) Hyperthyroid

4) People with stone in kidney

5) Green skin

6) Hair falling

This magical green juice works for so many multipurpose.


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  • What sort of ingredients you’ll need for this one?
  1. a) Potato (active protein)
  2. b) Bitter gourd 2gm (blood detoxify)
  3. c) Coriander leaves 50gm (vitamin A, B, C)
  4. d) Curry leaves (key ingredient)
  • How you can make this magical green juice?

There is a reason why this magical green juice is considered so much helpful for people of all ages who can’t do any physical exercises and always struggling with weight loss issues and also some people with heart problems can take it as well. Below you are about to find out how you can make it quickly.

  • First cut the bitter guard in half and take out the discord in it
  • Second thing cut the coriander leaves and left in the water for wash
  • Then add curry leaves in them
  • After that add fresh potato but the size of it must be medium
  • Then add ginger in it
  • Do not forget to add one piece of garlic as well
  • Put 200ml water
  • steam all the ingredients in a jar
  • mix the paste

These are the essentials you’ll need to make this green juice.


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  • After that which are the steps you have to follow?

After making the paste add black salt in it and move it for approximately 10 minutes until it becomes liquid and put it in a glass about 400ml will comes out of it.

  • When is the right time you need drink this?

You have to drink this one in the morning as the first meal without eating anything. You have given it a try and trust in one month you will lose 10kg and feel very relaxed and comfortable as well. As the name goes its results are truly magical and also suggest it to your fellow friends and family members so they can lose weight.

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