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The most common mistakes in the bikini operation (and some tips to avoid them)

Summer will knock on the door in just over a month and the heat will – as always – a little earlier. It will be time to get discolored at the time of getting dressed and starting to wear clothes, especially on the beach, that show our humanity in all its splendor. The problem is that the winter has been long, and perhaps we have accumulated those extra kilos that, with the arrival of swimsuits and short sleeves, now make us think that we need to lose weight quickly and urgently start the popular bikini operation.

But year after year we repeat the same thing, with the same results. As Einstein once said: “You can not expect different results always doing the same thing.” If “we want a different result, you will have to do different things,” says the doctor and dietitian Nuria Monfulleda.

We can not expect different results if we make the same mistakes year after year.

Perhaps the first mistake is precisely this approach of “thinking that we should be thinner to look body in summer, instead of thinking of being thinner, if necessary, to have better health. We should not care about the time of year nor should we have such a volatile goal, since after the summer, will we all be different? “Asks Monfulleda.

And if rushes are never good counselors, trying to lose a lot of weight in a short time is another mistake that we usually make. “The search for a quick weight loss before the summer is not a good idea. Normally it is based on very drastic options that translate not so much in fat loss as in body water. In addition, they are usually based on the restriction of a certain type of food or macronutrient, “says nutritional coach Gillian Bennett.

It is not possible to lose 10 kilos in a short time without risking health “

Nor is it the best of ideas to pose unrealistic goals. “People intend to lose 10 kilos in a month, something that is not possible, at least without risking health, ” says dietitian nutritionist at the center Comiendo con María, María Merino. And is that to achieve this utopia often calls the so-called ” miracle diets, those who promise to lose many kilos in a very short time and that can harm our health,” explains the dietitian Marta Abardia.

The main problem with these diets is that, in addition to that they are usually expensive, “when you stop doing them, you return to recover your weight and a few extra kilos of tips. That’s because “the body has been in deficit for too long and wants to recover the kilocalories that we have not eaten,” says Dr. Monfulleda. In addition, these diets give us completely erroneous guidelines of what a balanced diet has to be, and in this way they play with our physical and mental health, “says Abardia.

“If we lose a lot of weight at once, the first thing we lose is body fluid and also muscle mass. We can see ourselves thin, but that does not mean that it is a correct weight loss, because when we want to lose weight, what our body has left over is fat, not muscle mass or fluid. And if we look at the psychic damage, we will see that they can make us reject foods that are completely healthy, make us very restrictive with our diet and eliminate the pleasure and enjoyment of the simple fact of eating, among other things, “adds Abardia.

Those who assume the great risk of restricting certain foods, “the most common is to stop eating carbohydrates or even begin to eat based on a single food. Something that causes a dietary transgression, a nutritional deficiency and of course the subsequent rebound effect, “says Merino, with” the consequent frustration of not being able to maintain the weight, and that feeling that they are won very fast and cost a lot to lose ” adds Nuria Monfulleda.

The important thing is to make a chip change and adopt a new lifestyle.

Therefore, if we want to lose weight for the summer, “what we need is to make a chip change, understand that the diet concept is obsolete and that we must go further. We must think about a change of lifestyle that allows us to have a healthy weight all year and have punctual excesses -such as in summer or at Christmas-, since in this way even with those extras we will maintain the weight “, adds this nutritionist.

Also, if we diet , “as soon as we believe that we have reached our goal -if we arrive- we will stop doing it, for the simple fact that we have imposed it on us, we have not done it because we loved it, and we will return to our old habits – surely not so good – and so we will never get a healthy and correct weight for life, “explains Monfulleda.

Diets are not made for pleasure and when we leave them, we return to bad habits “

NURIA MONFULLEDA Medical and dietitian-nutritionist
However, there are some keys that can help us. “The first thing is to put yourself in the hands of a health professional, like a qualified nutritionist,” says Marta Abardia. And in any case, do not wait until the last moment “and start a few months in advance, ” says Bennett. In order to lose weight without risk to the organism, you have to follow a varied diet based on ” vegetables, salads, fruits. The legumes are fabulous because they contain slow-absorbing carbohydrates, so it will take us longer to starve again and they also have a lot of fiber. Consume lean meats such as chicken, turkey, rabbit, fish, and eggs, “says Abardia

To drink, if we opt for vegetable drinks of soy, oats, or almonds, “you have to check that they are also enriched with vitamin D, calcium and that they do not have added sugars. You have to avoid sugary drinks and drink mostly water and infusions, “adds this nutrition professional. You also have to eliminate the sausages.

Sometimes you want something sweet and there is no need to deprive yourself, since it is absolutely compatible with losing weight. ” Eliminating sugary foods like candy, pastry, or cookies is a must, but you can eat one or two ounces of dark chocolate 75% or more.” Nor should we “skip meals, since later we will be very hungry and eat the first thing we find,” concludes Abardia.

Anyway, the lazy who want to accelerate weight loss before the imminence of the holidays but without risking their health should “ensure a serving of vegetables at each meal and at each dinner, which should be composed of 200 grams minimum – nothing of a leaf of lettuce with the hamburger-, and always in the double of proportion that proteins and cereals “, explains María Merino.

Whole foods sate more, calm anxiety and avoid snacking

It is also important not to go hungry, “for which we can move to whole foods, which satisfy more and allow us to reach the next intake with less appetite, in addition to calming anxiety and avoiding snacking. Add a handful of nuts for the same reason, is also helpful, “he adds.

The fruit, better whole, three pieces a day, and no juices, smoothies or smoothies. As has already been said, it is essential to have water as the main drink, drink it abundantly, and in any case “taste it homemade”, says Merino.

Structuring meals well, even if it means eating six times a day, planning and organizing the menu, practicing batch cooking-cooking an afternoon to eat all week-are things that will help us eat healthily and lose weight, in the opinion of all the experts consulted.

In addition to eating well, it is essential to practice physical activity

And finally, keep in mind that although we change our habits and eat healthier, to lose weight is also very important to do some physical activity. We can run, although it’s cold, because when we run we’ll get warm. Or, if we do not feel like it, do a static bike at home. Climbing on foot and forgetting about the elevator is another alternative. There is no excuse for not moving.

Although perhaps the best advice of all is not to commit excess during, precisely, the summer, because it is usual that we have “little desire to return to dieting in September. With the post-holiday depression, the beginning of the routine of work-school-children-winter, and if we decide that we started past holidays. And so, year after year, we take a few kilos in summer because we spent doing “extras”

A few kilos that we do not want to take anything in the fall and we keep until Christmas and between nougat and polvorones, we planted on the horrible January slope. And then, of course, it is hard to get a little serious again, because the January slope is very hard and between one thing and another comes April, the good weather, the need to wear summer clothes, and back to start, “reflects Monfulleda.

To finish, Dr. Nuria Monfulleda recalls that “there is nothing external that diminishes us. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So, or we do our part, and we try hard or better to stop doing stupid things that only harm our body and accept our weight as it is the fruit of our decisions and eating habits.

If we want to be well in the summer of next year, let’s think about not committing excesses this holiday.

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